3 Ways To Adapt Your Style When You Have Kids

Updated: Jan 30

You've taken on a new role in your life, becoming a mum! Whether you're a new mum on maternity leave, or you've been a stay at home mum for a while; it can be easy to get stuck in a style rut.

You'll probably find that your day to day wardrobe needs a few updates if not a complete overhaul.

I've certainly experienced a few changes in recent years when I've had to adapt and get used to a new way of dressing and a new way of shopping. When I become a mum for the first time I craved the time I used to have a reason for wearing midi skirts and heeled boots to the office, don't get me wrong I still love midi skirts but now I tend to wear them with trainers!

Since the first lockdown and a big house move I have now found a new role myself as a stay at home mum. My London commuting days are a distant memory, but there's still plenty of ways to capture your own style, it's just about changing your mindset and having fun with it. Here are a few tips to help rediscover your style.

Organise your wardrobe

Firstly, don’t think you need to get rid of your old wardrobe just yet! If you have a few designer pieces in your wardrobe it’s still worth hanging on to those investments. Before investing in some more casual pieces I would recommend a good wardrobe edit, go through what you have and find the pieces that you wear day to day and maybe see what's left that's not so practical. Sort out the things you are not likely to wear again and sell those items or donate to charity.

Create mood board for inspiration

I constantly save outfit ideas I like on Instagram and Pinterest and keep them in one place so I can refer back to them when I'm seeking outfit inspiration. Collect some images you love the styling of then go back to your own wardrobe and play dress up, it's fun to see what you can create. That blouse you may have worn to the office could look great dressed down with some dungarees. It doesn't always have to be a sweatshirt and jeans day to day (although I do love a slogan sweatshirt) mix things up with a comfy jumpsuit, brands like Beyond Nine and Lucy and Yak do some great jumpsuits. A midi skirt is also a great go to for everyday style; I tend to shop at H&M, ASOS or New Look for budget friendly midi skirts or dresses.

Invest in key pieces

When you have kids no matter how old they are, there will always be times when you will be out and about whether it's walking in the park or on the school run you will be out in all weathers. So invest in a good waterproof coat, comfy boots and a good pair of trainers. These are the 3 items I would say are worth spending some money on and that you will probably wear all year round.

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