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The definition of style is not always straight forward; it’s personal and not about the latest trends or about how much money you spend clothes. Style is something that may take a few go’s before you feel you’ve got it right.

We all have those moments of not being able to find right thing to wear or like you want to throw your wardrobe out and buy a whole new one! But once you discover your own style you’ll be able find those pieces you love and feel good wearing them. It all starts with being comfortable in your own skin; accept your body shape and enjoy your own style, here are a few ways in which you can get started in defining your style.

Take inspiration from others

This is where social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can be a pretty good tool in helping you find your style, by simply creating a mood board on Pinterest or save images on Instagram of style or outfits you like. Once you build up those images you can get an idea of the style you like and the things you can see yourself wearing. You could even start a photo diary of your own outfits; start your own Instagram or keep them just for you.

Detox your wardrobe

Now that you know the kind of things you like, it’s time to have a good old try on session and go through the items in your wardrobe keep the things you love and make you feel good, and remove (sell/give to charity/friends) the items that no longer fit or just don’t feel quite right – trust me you will never feel good wearing them. Now you can see the gaps in your wardrobe of those items you may need.

Experiment with hair & make up

Hair and make up is a huge part of your style. Go for a new cut or colour if you’re feeling bold! Even the most simple changes can make a huge difference to enhance your style such as a bold lipstick or a different shape eyebrow. Head over to Youtube for plenty of make up tutorials.

Take your time

Finally take your time with this, don’t feel you need a complete make over and new wardrobe, simple tweaks here and there will make all the difference and even give you more confidence. I know can sometimes take a while to try different looks and we all have a few fashion faux pas moments along the way but embrace them as part of your evolving self.

Photography by Margarita Karenko

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