How to add vintage furniture to your home

If there's one thing I love it's the buzz of finding something one off and unique. I love a real mix of old and modern furniture, and although my interior style and taste has definitely changed over time, I still relish a good vintage find.

Adding to your home is all about personal taste, I'm sure if it's something you love it won't look out of place. Try not to worry about things not matching, creating an eclectic home is all part of the fun and will feel stylish as well as thoughtful. Adding plants or brightly coloured books can spruce up a corner or a new cushion can update a vintage armchair.

If you’re unsure about adding big pieces of furniture you could start on a smaller scale; accessories like vintage jugs or plates are ideal for display. Head off to your local flea market for inspiration. You’ll easily pick up vintage postcards or prints for bargain prices then frame them and add them to a gallery wall or just dot them around the house. Simple updates can make a huge difference to a room. Even just a quick shelf shuffle keeps things fresh.

Upcycle and reinvent, not all vintage furniture is found in great condition sometimes that adds character other times it may be time for some TLC. Furniture paint can be picked up from most DIY stores or online at amazon.

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