Updated: Feb 7

After years of working in fashion, experimenting with my style and basically spending a lot of time with clothes there’s a few things I’ve learned about shopping.

There are so many people out there with amazing Instagram accounts that it can be overwhelming, and it also gives the feeling of needing an item that everybody has! Sometimes it does the opposite, puts you off something that you loved but then everybody has it so you look for an alternative. Either way it drives the consumer to buy. When it comes to shopping, try and be true to your own style. I’m all for trying new trends but think about if something really is for you and don’t waste money on impulse purchases just for the inclusivity.

Shop around for the best piece, blogs and Instagram are a great way to see what’s out there with varying price points. They can also help you to discover new brands that could be perfect for your own personal style.

Do go for quality pieces over a quick fix. I’ve learned that the fast fashion items tend to fade and bobble quickly, plus of-the-moment designs can also become dated so you may not want to wear them a few months later. Save your money for something you love, and then you won’t get bored easily.

Recycle and have a wardrobe clear out at least once a year. All those things you no longer love or don’t fit, pass them on to charity or sell them! There’s loads apps and sites that make selling easy. Try not to throw anything away if possible. Then use the money you make from selling to invest in a few new pieces guilt free.

Photography by Margarita Karenko.

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