What is a capsule wardrobe and why do I need one? A capsule wardrobe is a limited number of pieces around 15 to 20 that consist of key outfit builders that you wear every day.

Having a capsule wardrobe is great way to save on space if you’re short on storage. It prevents panic outfitting on busy mornings and if you invest in quality pieces they’ll last longer so it’s good for sustainability too!

Keep things simple and start with basics, a great pair of ankle boots, trainers, jeans, basic tees and a cross-body bag. These are all timeless items that you’ll probably wear all year round on a day to day basis. For me, I like to have a few statement items in my wardrobe that can be mixed with the basics, floral dresses, bright knits and printed blouses. These pieces are still part of my capsule wardrobe and can be upgraded as and when needed. Remember to create your capsule wardrobe based on your personal style, and see how many looks you can create with a limited number of items.

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