The living room of this house is one long room, and we've moved this room around the most! There's a fireplace at one end and a chimney breast at the other along with two windows and a few alcoves. It's too long to have the TV at one end and the sofa at the other, so I've tried to create two different zones, one for living and one for something else, just not sure what yet. For a while we had our old dining table (which is quite large) in the space, but we've put that in another room. At the moment we have a small sofa and a piano, but we want some kind of storage unit or cupboard to hide away the kids toys which we could possibly incorporate in that space.

The living room is a bit odd in the fact that there is an old doorway that's been blocked up and made into an alcove, we have 5 alcoves in total and two doors one that leads into the living room from the hallway and one that leads into the dining room/playroom. We've talked a lot about getting a log burner and but can’t decide where to put it until we‘ve actually settled on a design for the living room.

The walls are pretty plain as we need to paint them. Both chimney breasts are painted brown and the rest of room is painted cream. With low ceilings we’re planning on painting the room white to give us blank canvas. I’m already eyeing up plenty of artwork to add to the walls, but we also need to replace the blinds and wall lights! Although we are going for white walls we have a few statement pieces of furniture including a pink sofa and a green sofa plus plenty of brass accents throughout. I want to create a cosy, inviting and warm space with plenty of textures! With white walls it'll be easy to change it when we want to. Here’s a few ideas on my wish list.

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