4ways to separate your work & weekend wardrobe

Updated: Feb 7

Unless you have a uniform or something very specific you have to wear for your job, it can be easy to get stuck in a pattern of wearing the same things to work and off duty.

If your place of work has quite a relaxed dress code then it can be tricky to stay comfortable yet feel professional. Also going by what your peers are wearing can also be confusing – having the freedom to dress in whatever can be a minefield in the mornings. So here are four tips to get you thinking about how to separate out a workwear and off duty wardrobe.

Back to basics

Now obviously there are some pieces that are bound to cross over, a pair of jeans if your work allows them or a basic tee. But for more of a professional look the trick is to mix in basics with more statement and smarter pieces, for instance the t-shirt you might wear with jeans at the weekend could be neatly tucked into high waist tailored trousers or a midi skirt.

Add accessories

Adding a piece of statement jewellery like a necklace to a clean white tee and jeans and you already look instantly professional. The same goes for earrings, they can really freshen up a classic white shirt or an all black ensemble. Bags are also a great way to inject some personality to your look.

trainers can be chic

Perhaps you need to be practical at work so trainers are a great option, try pairing them with a midi skirt or dress for a more relaxed yet styled look.

Don’t always think formal

A suit doesn’t always have to be formal. This season there are so many coloured suits out there, that are also versatile as separates. Go bold and bright with yellow or pink or keep it muted with neutral or pastel shades. Wear with a tee and trainers for the perfect amount of smart and casual. Also mix and match; wear the trousers with a shirt tucked in or the jacket with a slogan tee and jeans.

Photography by Margarita Karenko.

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