Project dressing room

The girls are currently sharing a bedroom as they love their bunk beds so the spare bedroom became a bit of a dumping ground. It became home to our old double bed, a wardrobe, washing and an overflow of toys that can’t seem to fit anywhere else at the moment. It was a neglected room and only being used by the cats to sleep in. I’m sure it will become a bedroom for one of the girls when they get older but for now I wanted to make use of the space.

I decided to make it into a dressing room. By taking the old double bed out we've created so much more space and now the room is only for clothes and accessories. I didn't want to have anything fixed in the room like built in wardrobes as this room set up won't be long term. So I've just utilised the furniture we already have, a chest of drawers and old Ikea cube unit and a rail. There is a vintage style mirrored wardrobe in there too which has Matt's stuff in. The majority of my hanging stuff is all in a built in wardrobe on the landing and the rest like bags, scarfs, coats and jackets are all in the dressing room. We have an Ikea day bed stored in the garage so we are thinking of possibly moving that into the room so it can double up as a guest room too.

The walls are just neutral in grey and cream although I will probably paint the room white at some point just to make it a blank canvas. I also added a rug that I picked up in ASDA and added a couple of prints from Desenio just to finish the room off.

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