Shopping for what you need

Shopping for things you actually need is easiest when you can see what what you already have in your wardrobe. With lockdown measures easing up across the UK it may sound bizarre but we’re all getting ready to ease ourselves back into society. With that of course means normal dressing, stepping out of loungewear and putting outfits and accessories together. This may cause a slight panic and sudden online shopping spree when you think you have nothing to wear.

Now you may have had a wardrobe clear out in the first lockdown, but there’s no better time than now to sort out your spring wardrobe. Pack away those heavy knits and winter coats and see what you have for spring. What will help is having your wardrobe in order so that you can clearly see what you have and put looks together easily. Also try on everything and if you don’t love it or it no longer fits - make a pile to sell online or give to charity. Trust me this process will make you feel so much better about your clothes. When you see the gaps in your wardrobe you will be able to shop for those spring pieces that you actually need rather than panic buying everything on asos!

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