spring saviours

Spring is one of my favourite seasons; it's refreshing to get out of winter layers and enjoy longer days of sunshine. That first sign of sun doesn't always mean we can whip out our shorts out and get summer started, although some do. For me I need to build up to bare legs, plus the British weather is always unpredictable. Here are a few practical pieces which will elevate your spring wardrobe.

A trench coat is one thing worth investing in as it's lightweight, stylish and will never date. It pretty much goes with any look as you can dress it up or down. The other piece I always turn to this time of year is a denim jacket and also a khaki green shacket. Both these options feel lighter than a big coat and can be layered up with knitwear and a scarf for slighter more brisk days. I have a vintage Levi's denim jacket that used to be my dad's that I wear all the time. These are great pieces to chuck over a floral midi dress or skirt for a casual look. Finally a great pair trainers will go with anything whether it's a pair of bright high tops or simple plimsoles. This season I will also be on the look out for a great pair of loafers to help get me out of boots and into a spring mindset.

Photography by Margarita Karenko.

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