take me to paris

Updated: Feb 22

I've always admired the parisian sense of style, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Emily In Paris purely for the fashion. The fun storylines were pretty funny too and my idea of blissful escapism! Paris has always had a special place in my heart as it's the place we got engaged back in 2011 and hope to go back again some time.

But, I've always admired parisan women for such a chic and effortless sense of style. They keep their style timeless with a few staple pieces and complete the look with a slick of red lippy and undone hair. Something I've tried to recreate in the past however undone hair for me is pretty wild - as it needs taming!

A few staples you won't regret investing include a good trench coat, a stripey Breton top and of course a good stay put lipstick. Mix in a few pretty bits and minimal jewellery for your own take on parisian style. If you haven't watched Emily In Paris yet then you should!

Photography by Margarita Karenko.

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