The Practical Wardrobe Essentials

I thought I would put together a post on some of the more practical items I recommend to help keep your wardrobe organised. These are the things that you’ll always think you’ll get round to buying, but you never do. You only think of them when you’re rushing to find something to wear and think “I must throw those wire hangers away” or “I really can’t be bothered to iron this”. I’ve put together a shopping list on some of the more practical things to make your life easier when it comes to wardrobe maintenance.

Lets start with hangers, the worst culprits which I’ve mentioned before, are the wire ones that you always tend to get when you pick up your dry cleaning. These hangers leave items misshapen or your items fall off them, plus they can hurt if you catch yourself on the sharp end! Ouch! I tend to pick up these packs of velvet hangers, as they are not too bulky but the soft fabric means that lighter items like blouses and tees don’t slip off the hanger. Plus you make more of the space with these as they don't take up too much space.

Lavender is a natural moth repellent, so I would suggest buying a couple of the sachets to help keep these little critters at bay. Buy hanging ones so you can pop a few between your hangers in your wardrobe. Alternatively you might be able to buy hanging fabric pouches stuffed with dried lavender. I’ve bought these in the past and when they feel like they’re losing the scent I just add a few drops of lavender oil to them to revive the scent. If your feeling super crafty you could always try and make these, find out how here.

Always handy to have in your drawer, lint rollers are great for picking up any bits of hair, fabric or fluff off your garments. Especially handy if you have pets as no matter what the hair or fur seems to get everywhere! This particular lint roller is from Morplan but you can pick them up in most places.

I hate ironing and only do it when I really have to, but I bought a clothes steamer when I started selling vintage online and found it really useful. I have also discovered this hand held one when I assisted a stylist on set and thought it would be a really handy item for my own wardrobe. It’s easy to store as it’s not too big and you just plug it in and steam away; perfect for your more delicate items.

When it comes to storage for things like shoes and accessories it must be easy to reach otherwise you will never use those items if they are shoved in a box on top of the wardrobe. If you're short on space then underbed storage that slides out easily is great for things like shoes. I also think clear acrylic boxes are great for make-up, jewellery or sunglasses. Not only can you stack, but you can see things too.

Now this is something I recently purchased from H&M; a stick on bra, I just found it worked with lots of my dresses and tops especially during the warmer days. It's just a great piece to keep in your underwear drawer as you never know when it could come in useful for backless dresses and tops.

So there you have it, a few items that could be useful and even make the items in your wardrobe last a little longer.

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