We have been in this house for just over a year now and I think I've my moved desk around the most. It's pretty much been in every room in the house apart from the bathroom! I don't need an entire room dedicated to having an office, so I have been experimenting setting up my desk in various corners. The main thing I wanted to achieve is to have a clutter free and tidy space, especially if it's on show and I can't close the door on things, unlike Matt who works from home full time in the loft room.

I first set up a work space in the snug which now has a TV in there so it's basically become a space to use for reading and watching TV so we couldn't fit in a desk as well as two arm chairs. I tried the living room, dining space and even thought about the hallway but none of them really felt right. In the end I settled on the landing upstairs which is a nice square shape and there's a corner that wasn't really being used. It’s bright and airy and right by a radiator too. I thought I would share a few tips to create a productive and calming space to work when you're at home.

Dedicate space

When working from home it's a good idea to make a dedicated space, to save having to move everything from the kitchen table or coffee table every time you have a meal or you have people over. There might be a corner in the living room that's not in use or a guest bedroom that's not in use all the time. Perhaps a unit with a fold down desk could be used to store away a laptop? Remember to ensure you have good lighting; if you're taking zoom calls or having on screen meetings your colleagues will need to see you clearly.

Declutter and organise

Use the space wisely and get rid of anything unnecessary, old paperwork, extra phone chargers etc. If you do need to store files or bits and pieces for work then try a desk with some drawers or a shelf to tuck things away. Alternatively if you have a little bit of space to play with you could invest a stylish cabinet or cupboard to keep files tidy and hidden. A clean and organised space will help you become more motivated and productive.

Style it up

Next tip, once you’ve found your space enjoy sprucing it up! Add a plant or two, a motivational quote on the wall, or use shelving to practically store desk things like notebooks and pens. Why not make it an inviting space you want to be in? If the space is in a corner or nook then there's no reason you can't style it to fit with the rest of that room.

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